Berita Baik Untuk Asnaf

Program Bantuan Perubatan dan Peralatan Perubatan percuma untuk Asnaf yang berdaftar dengan Lembaga Zakat Selangor.

Pihak kami menyediakan khidmat nasihat bagi para Asnaf yang masih belum mendaftar dengan Lembaga Zakat Selangor untuk program ini.

Committed To Serve Our Community

We've been part of Selangor & Klang Valley community for more than 20 years.

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Our Featured Home-Brand Products

Our home-brand products specially formulated to help our esteemed customer to increase their vitality and practice Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. sunnahs.

Al-Ihsan Madu Arab 100% Asli

Available in store since 2016

Pure honey from Middle East for your daily intake. It is part of sunnah to consume honey a teaspoon daily. Let's increase vitality today!

Al-Ihsan Madu Cuka Kurma 

Available in-store since 2015

Pure honey combination with dates vinegar to help ease gastric and inflammation. Suitable for personal consumption to boost vitality.

Waheed Jus Madu Cider Epal

Available in-store since 2010

Pure honey combine with apple cider to helps combat and cure gout problem, especially among elderly people.

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About Us

We provide a combination of modern and alternative community pharmacy values that suits Malaysian cultures and pharmacy experience. 

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